Engineered hardwood flooring vs laminate

Engineered wood flooring is real wood flooring, but it is more stable than solid wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is less susceptible to shrinkage and expansion with changes in temperature and humidity, while the multiple layers of wood in engineered hardwood make it very durable. Laminate flooring is the most preferred type of flooring with its economical and ease of use. It is possible to apply it even on Marley, tile, concrete or even classic flooring. Its assembly and disassembly are very practical. Sistre does not require polishing. It is much easier to maintain than other floorings. It is not easily scratched, resistant to impacts and burning substances such as cigarettes. It is not affected by the Sun’s rays and its color does not fade. Laminate floors, which are improved with the latest technology, do not contain carcinogenic substances and are suitable for use in terms of health. It is an antiallergic material. It has been especially recommended to be used in the homes of asthma patients.

Choosing Wood Flooring for the Home

When it comes to choosing a wooden floor for your home, there are several factors that you need to consider. From style and personal preferences to budget, you need to find a type of wooden floor that will suit these spaces and stick to your preferences. With more than 50 types of wood available to homeowners, it is important to find a wood that reflects your style. If your style room is an open and airy room, light woods will be the place to go. Such tree species include ash and maple. Dec.

Feel Comfortable and Warm For a Room

Another popular feeling that many homeowners have in a house that is cozy and warm in their home. Medium-style tree species are the ones that bring this feeling the most. Beech and oak are a few of the species that do a great job in bringing this feeling home.

A Magnificent and Elegant Room

A third look that homeowners love for their homes is majestic and elegant. The tree species that reflect this are usually dark colored trees such as walnut or mahogany.

Durability of Flooring

According to the National Hardwood Flooring Association, when you decide on a flooring style, it’s important to look at how your flooring will be used in the coming years. Are you a retired couple living alone or a busy family with small children and pets? Each type of tree is rated for its hardness and durability using something called the Janka scale. After determining the style and durability of the wooden floor, you are ready to proceed to the process of laying wood.

Architectural Solid Wood: Which One is Right for Your Home?

How do you choose the type of wood to furnish your home? This depends on the area or room you want to install in your home. Both the architecturally elegant laminated flooring and the solid wood floors are environmentally friendly because they are both made of real wood. So what exactly is the difference decently?

Specially Designed Laminated Wood Floorings

This type of flooring is produced using multi-layer wood veneer. These veneers are made of real wood and can be of different or the same type of wood; the top layer typically uses the highest quality. Treated wooden floors are considered very sturdy, as the grains of each layer of wood lie perpendicular to each other. What does it mean? When the weather and humidity in your space change, engineered wood expands and contracts less than solid wood flooring.

So, where can laminated flooring wooden floors be placed? They can be used anywhere in the house. But since this type of flooring can be nailed, stapled or glued, it provides an ideal installation of flooring and craftsmanship. In addition, it is less prone to warping, so it works better in damp or humid areas, such as lower levels. Note that since this tile has a shallow top layer, it can only be sanded and re-polished a few times.

Is Solid Wood Flooring More Suitable?

What is solid wood flooring? It is exactly as it seems, a solid piece of wood, the thickness of which can vary. Unlike laminated wooden floors, this type of flooring can only be used in rooms that are above the ground. The ideal areas for solid wood flooring in your home are your family or living room, bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. An additional benefit of choosing wooden flooring is that it can be sanded many times and renewed by polishing.

All about laminate floorings

One of the most commonly used finishing materials in floor coverings is flooring. Since it is a natural material, floorings give a warmer look to the environment. They strengthen the decorative properties of the floors with different color options. Among the types of flooring, laminate flooring is a type of flooring produced using a special printing technique. Laminate floors, as compared to laminated or solid floorings produced entirely from natural materials, limit the use of forest products and offer practical solutions for maintenance and cleaning. Among the types of flooring, the most suitable options in terms of price are also laminate floorings. It can be said that laminate flooring prices are much more economical compared to laminated or solid floorings. If you want to renew the decoration in your home or office, you can give the desired appearance to the environments with laminate flooring types.

What properties does laminate flooring have?

Laminate flooring, which is a beautiful-looking finishing material, is distinguished from other types of flooring by some of its features. While completely natural materials are used in laminated or solid flooring varieties, fiber materials with different densities can be used in laminate flooring varieties. Depending on the fiber density, these materials can be in MDF or HDF type. Of these, MDF is formed from the initials of the Medium Density Fiberboard expression. It means medium density fiber material. HDF is composed of the initials of the High Density Fiberboard expression. This means that it is a high density fiber material. One of the most important characteristics of laminate flooring produced from MDF or HDF materials is that it is more durable than forest products. Laminated and solid floorings have an average service life of 10 years. Laminate floors, on the other hand, can be used for an average of 25 years. Another important feature is that these products do not require varnish. Since they are not varnished, it can be said that they are more resistant to scratches on surfaces.

What layers are there in laminate flooring?

We can say that there are generally 3 layers in laminate flooring varieties. In the lowest layer, there is a layer made of waterproof fiber material. This layer can also be called the core layer. The core layer forms the main carrier layer of laminate flooring. MDF or HDF wood fiber can be used in this layer. The core layer formed by compressing the wood fiber together with adhesive and resin ensures that the laminate flooring has a longer service life. There is an image layer on the core layer. Thanks to the printing techniques applied in this part, the desired colors and motifs can be created on the laminate flooring. According to the quality of the printing techniques applied to the image layer on the laminate flooring, beautiful decorative images can be obtained from each other on the floor. On top of the image layer, there is a wear layer. A thin surface layer impregnated with melamine forms this layer. This layer increases the durability on the laminate flooring and at the same time facilitates the cleaning work. Thanks to the wear layer, the other layers of the laminate flooring are protected against water and other external factors.

Where is laminate flooring used?

We can say that the area of use is quite wide due to the fact that laminate flooring is a durable and economical floor covering material. In homes, laminate flooring is often used, for example, for covering the floors of the living room, bedroom and living room. In offices, laminate flooring can be used on the floors of the rest room, waiting room or general work areas. Since it is possible to give a warmer look to the environments with laminate flooring, these products can be preferred for office decoration, especially for rest room and waiting room decoration. Laminate flooring also offers successful solutions for thermal insulation. If you wish, you can also use these products for thermal insulation. The water- and moisture-resistant outer surface of the products is also beneficial to prevent heat loss. It may be a better choice to use laminate flooring for floor decoration of environments that you use more, especially in winter. But along with this, you should also remember that laminate flooring is not very scratch-resistant. Laminate flooring may not be a good choice in environments where product or item circulation is frequent.

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