Gym Flooring

Rubber flooring is an extremely shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing flooring material that is produced in the form of a roll or tile rubber flooring and has a very flexible structure. Tile rubber sizes are produced in 40*40 or 50*50 width. Product thickness is 1cm. with 5cm. varies between the recommended product thickness use is 2 cm. It is sufficient for any heavy traffic use. Rubber flooring is produced in green, orange and black colors as standard. If desired, it can be produced in desired colors with a small price difference.

Which floors should we choose for the gym?

Floors in gyms, gyms and floorings in home gyms should withstand a lot every day . Whether you own a gym or enjoy spending time at the gym in your own home. Floors in gyms, gyms and floorings in home gyms should withstand a lot every day. Whether you own a gym or enjoy spending time at the gym in your own home, you have definitely been thinking about which floor to choose under your fitness equipment, barbells and machines. You have a few options. From classic deck floors used especially in gyms, rubber floors up to concrete in combination with carpet or other floorings. But have you heard about PVC tiles?

Let’s start with one of the biggest advantages of interlocking tile tiles. Again, it doesn’t matter if you have a larger or smaller fitness center or are just a home enthusiast. DIY installation is really appreciated by everyone who thinks both functionally and economically.

PVC tiles can be installed on almost any surface. The basic assumption is that the original surface is as hard and flat as possible. If your original surface is concrete, you just need to sweep or sweep, and you can start laying the tiles. From our customer reviews, we can confirm that the installation can be done by almost anyone. While preventing cost increases for the work and services of flooring companies. It is based on a locking system similar to that used on interlocking tiles. On all four sides, each tile is equipped with locks that fit perfectly to each other. To form a strong connection you will need only a rubber hammer. One person can lay up to 20 m2 of floor in just one hour.

High resistance – the effect of dumbbells will no longer be a problem

Surely you have already encountered a situation when negligence or sometimes laziness in putting used equipment on stands or on the floor caused it to fall to the ground. The impact of a dumbbell or other heavy fitness equipment can cause big problems for a concrete floor. The best case scenario is that only cracks will appear, the main problem begins if the concrete begins to flow and even falls off. Then there is nothing but to level the floor again, this is difficult not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time – your business needs to be closed for a while. It is also suitable for heavy industry, so it can easily handle these shocks and bumps. it is designed to withstand a forklift load of up to 1500 kg. In addition, it not only protects your October original surface, but also provides sound insulation and thermal insulation as a PVC product. If some of the tiles are damaged by chance, you do not need to bother with expensive repair of the concrete floor, just replace the damaged part with another.

No more slipping

During training, for example squats, stability and firm ground under your clients’ feet are important. PVC tiles also contain anti-slip parameters, so there is no need to worry about slipping. October, you can choose from 4 models, each of which meets strict European standards for Decoupling.

Color diversity and mobility

Another advantage that will certainly be appreciated by the owners of any gym or fitness center is the possibility of combining up to 12 colors. Gym flooring tiles with dimensions of 51 x 51 cm make it easy to separate zones of your gym. Your clients will be able to immediately see and recognize the space allocated for cardio or heavy weights racks, dumbbells, etc. You can also place tiles under fitness machines or shelves, and if you decide to find another placement, you can easily move the floor with them. PVC flooring systems are portable and repeated laying and disassembly do not affect the strength of the locks.

Various gym equipments on wooden floor in gym

Why Rubber Flooring for Gym?

All kinds of flooring materials are produced in accordance with their purpose in different models and different specifications in their class. These products are divided into separate categories as indoor flooring and outdoor flooring. Rubber flooring material is generally preferred in outdoor areas. The main feature of the intensive demand of the product is that it has a fairly soft texture. In the past, it was not possible to catch a flexible floor in children’s playgrounds. For example, there were unusable floors such as an earthen floor or a sandbox type for a flexible texture. This situation was not very safe for both children and it was not a healthy situation at all in terms of cleanliness. Rubber tile materials produced in an extremely modern and aesthetic structure in today’s technology have become a kind of solution to the old and primitive unusable floors in children’s playgrounds. Rubber flooring is a very protective flooring material against possible injury risks in falls that children may experience while playing with its extremely flexible and soft structure, which is used with peace of mind in many children’s playgrounds, including municipal parks today. Although it is produced as an outdoor material, it is used extensively in many gym flooring with its shock-absorbing advantage. It is extremely resistant to impacts, especially in the fitness gym weight training sections. Pressing system a well-made rubber flooring does not disintegrate despite all kinds of heavy traffic and does not wear out over time, does not require maintenance and repair for many years. It adds a rich design and decorative appearance to the areas where the application is made.

Rubber Flooring Usage Areas

Children’s play areas, playgrounds, gyms, fitness gyms, parks, jogging and hiking areas, gardens, walking paths, shops in the front, exterior stair coverings, slippery floors, animal shelters, vet, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, impaired walking path, steep and hilly areas in the weightlifting industry in the fields, in factories, and many more can be used for flooring.

Pvc Flooring for Gym

The performance of PVC Sports flooring directly affects the quality of the sports activity and the health of the athletes. From the point of view of athlete’s health, the interaction of the floor and shoes is the most important determinant of the loads that will occur on the foot and leg. This interaction can cause injuries to muscles, November, ligaments, bones and cartilages. The stretching and friction properties of the ground on which sports activities are performed are also very important in terms of injuries. A floor with a good stretching property significantly reduces the loads that will be placed on bones, joints, beams, and a floor with low friction properties significantly reduces the loads that will be placed on joints and ligaments.

What is Pvc Flooring?

Pvc gym flooring sports flooring consists of 2 layers, the upper layer is Pvc and the lower layer is produced as a sponge. There are products from 3 mm to 12 mm, it is mandatory for the flooring of indoor sports halls, it is preferred because it is flexible and hygienic.

How is PVC Gym Flooring Applied?

These products are available in flooring and gym flooring for indoor sports hall open stipulated kg ground-based smart SAP are implemented, then the roughness in the ground leveling grout is applied for the elimination of the sanding is done, then they are opened and was told 1 day after therapy sports PVC material out of the material and the fit are pasted with glue for PVC floor came in the other day. After gluing to the floor, the Pvc joints between them are pulled out by welding, and then after wiping the pulled weld, the application is finished and the sports Decking line, aka the game line, is drawn. This can vary from gym to gym.

The most preferred type of flooring in gyms, basketball, football, fitness halls is Gym PVC Flooring. Floor laying is very important, especially in indoor areas where sports are performed. It is an important necessity that these floors are suitable for health and suitable for sports. There are some reasons why PVC flooring is preferred in these areas. The first of these is the durable structure of the PVC flooring. With the way of use, it is suitable for long-term use due to this flooring structure, which will be used in areas suitable for situations such as impact, scratching. It can be used for many years without any deformation in the applied areas.

Another reason for using PVC flooring in sports halls is its waterproof structure. Depending on the area used, water spillage or various accidents can be caused. However, PVC flooring with its waterproof structure allows you to continue using it without any problems. There may be a fire, etc. PVC flooring is also an ideal choice for situations. PVC flooring is a good choice to prevent possible accidents.