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Tile & Mosaic

Our firm is the best firm in London Canada for Tile & Mosaic services. We are the best and cheapest s Tile & Mosaic tore in the region with a wide variety of Tile & Mosaic models. We are producing architectural projects with our products such as special ceramic panel, handmade ceramic tile, handmade brick, patterned ceramic tile, which we have added to our product range. We are able to produce in special sizes, colors and patterns in all our product categories. We provide customer support before manufacturing with our design team.

Tile & Mosaic production is carried out entirely as manual labor. Paint and mortar mixtures in the production process, pouring and pressing mixtures into molds, curing the product obtained as a result of pressing are processes that require complete professionalism. The error-free operation of these processes is only possible with strict follow-up. For this reason, we are constantly at the beginning of production together with our technical personnel. We sift through it finely and touch it often, making the mistake even out of the possibility. If there is a step that fails in these processes, we go back to the beginning and start from scratch. We are aware that quality production is far from accidental.

What is Mosaic Flooring?

Nowadays, the application of tile terrazzo mosaic is quite popular. Tile mosaic is produced by skilled craftsmen using marble powder, white cement, powder paints, aggregate, silica sand and quartz with completely natural materials, with the skill of manual labor. The biggest advantage of tile mosaic cements is the possibility of providing every color and pattern of the design made by the designer, even in very small quantities. Jul. The important thing here is the construction of the pattern template or its presence in the manufacturer.

How to Apply Tile Mosaic?

- Since the products are produced using completely natural raw materials, there may be differences in thickness, weight and tone in the products, even if they are small. If we do not want different shades to occur, the tiles taken from different boxes should be laid together.

- Flexible adhesives should be used in places that are exposed to heat exchange. For wet floors, waterproof materials should be used.

- If possible, the floor heating system should be kept closed for 12 hours.

- If we want our flooring to be as we want, the waiting time is very important. During this time, it should be ensured that the tiles fit perfectly into their places and the formation of joint cracks should be prevented.

- After making sure that the joints are dry, they should only be cleaned with water and a sponge.

- After finishing the Flooring, the sistired process should be performed between at least 3 and 7 days. With the sistired process, the tiles look cleaner and brighter.

Tile Mosaics are often used in commercial spaces and residential buildings.

It is preferred in commercial places; restaurants, holiday villages, hotels, retail stores, cafes and offices because it is easy to maintain and durable.

In residential buildings; It can also be easily used in wet areas such as living room, bathroom walls, library, stairs, fireplace and bathroom floor.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring models that you can use in every room to create a decorative style and an authentic atmosphere at home offer a more affordable price and a more stylish design option compared to many flooring products. Create a decorative style in every area of your home with the use of patterned floor and wall tiles. Instead of classic tiles on the bathroom floor, you can have a decorative bathroom floor by choosing tile coverings. It will create a stylish and cool look in your bathroom with colorful designs. If you are bored with the walls of the bathroom, instead of dealing with the painter, construction; you can cover the bathroom walls with decorative tile flooring models with special adhesives. You can create a more modern look by covering the lower part of the bathroom walls and using the upper part as a wall. Instead of using carpet in the hall of your home, you can use tile flooring models, which are both more convenient, more practical to clean and a healthier option. Thus, both the floor of the hall will not stand empty and you will have created an authentic and decorative appearance in your home. In addition to the interior, you can also use your preference for tile tiles on the garden and balcony floor. These two different models, dominated by black and white colors, will add an authentic air to the balcony and garden decoration. How about turning the countertop in the kitchen into a decorative look? Deconstructing the kitchen countertop into a decorative look? You can choose glass mosaic floorings or tile floorings, which are quite fashionable in the recent period. There are many different alternatives among the tile flooring models that will create a style that combines nostalgic and modern in the kitchen. In addition to the countertops, you can also use your preference for flooring tiles on the kitchen floor. Cleaning the kitchen carpet can often be difficult. Or you may want to walk with shoes at home. You can choose tile models that will create an authentic atmosphere in your kitchen decoration.

How is Tile Flooring Performed?

If you are not going to apply the tiles you bought immediately, protect them in a dry place and in boxes. If you keep it outside, in the rain or dampness, the boxes may cause the yellowness of the tiles to the tiles over time. Since patterned tiles consist of natural materials and are largely produced by methods that can be considered the most businesslike, there may be some subtle differences in the tones and colors of the tiles. For this reason, when laying, it is necessary to use the tiles removed from different boxes by mixing them without challenging the concentration of different tiles in one area. When used in this way, it will add a natural richness to the floor.

Tile application is a simple and easy task. In order not to damage the surfaces, edges and corners of the tiles and to get a good result, extremely careful and attentive care should be taken when transporting and laying the tiles. The floor leveling concrete where the patterned tile will be done should be made with a thickness of at least 4-8 cm by adding 400-600 kg of cement to 1m3 of plaster sand depending on the busy traffic area. Lime should definitely not be put on the concrete of the leveling mortar. The application should be carried out between +5 and +30 °. Patterned tile tiles should be glued at least 2 weeks after the leveling concrete is poured. Leveling concrete poured in hot weather should be watered for at least a week. It has been experienced that flowering is observed on patterned tiles glued on freshly leveled concrete.

Preparation of the Adhesive

Patterned tiles should be glued with a quality adhesive mortar, adhesives that will respond to water insulation should be used on floors that require flex mortal water insulation on floors where there are sudden heat changes in areas where traffic is intense, on floors that are heated from the floor.

• The heating system must be turned off 10 hours before the application to be carried out on underfloor heating floors.

• For the preparation of ceramic adhesive, water is placed in a basin at the rate recommended by the manufacturer and the powdered adhesive is gradually added to the basin, 350-400 rpm. With a rotating mixer, all the lumps are mixed until dissolved. After waiting for 5-10 minutes, it is mixed again with a trowel. Gluing should be done at the appropriate temperature.

• The prepared mortar should be adjusted to finish after a maximum of 4 hours. Ambient conditions will change the properties of the adhesive mortar temperature and or if it is windy, it should be kept shorter. When the upper surface of the adhesive mortar begins to crust and whiten, the service life of the adhesive mortar has expired. A new fee must be made, otherwise you will have a bigger problem with the costs. If the mortar attached to the floor or wall has hardened and lost its adhesion properties, it should be removed and discarded, and it should not be tried to bring it to a consistency that will adhere with water or other mortar.

• The manufacturer brand of the mortar used is known and it will be good if it is reliable.

The Most Popular Tile & Mosaic Products

Preparation of Tiles

It is extremely important to wet the tiles before gluing; tiles that are not wetted quickly absorb the water required for chemical hardening of the adhesive mortar, which leads to deterioration of the adhesive base. For this reason, the tiles are completely immersed in clear and clean water and left until the air bubble becomes and then removed from the water and placed in an upright position on the sword and moistened by allowing excess water to drain. Tiles should not be used as soon as they come out of the water, it should be expected that excess water will drain and come to a moist state.

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