Waterproof Flooring Products

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About Waterproof Flooring

The new generation Waterproof Parquets produced with composite technology consist of five layers with a total thickness of 5 mm, including special layers that protect against scratches, liquid spills and sun damage. The Water-Resistant Composite Parquets also have an easy installation system. Our company, which provides flooring services in London Canada, guarantees this to you. We are at your side with our expert team and many different options.

What is Waterproof Epoxy Flooring and why you should choose it?

Usually not much attention is paid to the floor of the working environment, unless there is a problem. However, the floor is an important part of the productivity and safety of the working day. You may want to consider an alternative flooring option for your facility and the effect it will create. Our company offers you one of these options as an epoxy flooring. Epoxy is also used as a sealing material for concrete floors. Epoxy flooring can be used in commercial buildings, walkways, even on walls or ceilings. It is mostly used on floors. They are very good options even for garage floors. The facilities that prefer epoxy flooring floors by experiencing more are commercial or industrial buildings such as production facilities, warehouses, pharmaceutical production areas, food and beverage facilities, and even laboratories. Industrial environments, such as food processing plants or pharmaceutical plants, are more subject to wear than other commercial buildings. In order to meet this wear, facilities have preferred epoxy floor coverings for the last 20 years due to their durable properties and high compression strength. It is almost impossible for epoxy floor coverings to crack under significant pressure or repair work. Considering all the factors of greater durability, hygiene and longevity, they are the materials with the lowest total cost.

Waterproof Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane material is formed as a result of an exothermic reaction in which polymeric raw materials interact with appropriate catalysts. When it dries, it acquires a hard and spongy structure. Polyurethane density calculation methods can be used to determine how much it will thicken and harden by determining the amount of the counter. In this article, where you can find information on topics such as what polyurethane is and where it is used, you will be able to find information about applications made with a polyurethane injection molding machine. Thanks to the materials created with polyurethane raw material mixtures, heat, sound and waterproofing can be provided. Polyurethane is highly resistant to impacts and water thanks to its mechanical properties. Polyurethane material replaces tile-derived roofing applications with its waterproof properties in roof floorings.

Waterproof Bathroom Flooring

We are not used to seeing concrete floors in bathrooms, which are very popular in modern and industrial-looking living spaces. In addition, concrete floors can be painted, polished or stamped to create a modern and stylish look. The most important advantage of concrete floor covering is that it is completely impermeable to water and has a long service life. In addition, painting or stamping concrete is not expensive. Given all these features, concrete can be a cool option in bathrooms, like any other living space. Therefore, in order to increase the friction on the concrete surface, it must be ensured that it is slightly textured. If you like concrete flooring but live in a cold climate, you can add underfloor heating to reduce the cold feeling of concrete. If you want to customize its appearance, you can create a different surface by adding a wide variety of textures to it before the concrete dries.

Waterproof Alternative Bathroom Flooring

Floor coverings in this category are not made of 100% waterproof materials. However, the upper surface is completely waterproof, and when tightly combined, water can accumulate on the surface for a short time without damaging it.

Wood Composite Panel – Deck Flooring

Treated wood panels are more resistant to high humidity conditions than solid wood. Wooden composite panels have a plywood base that is resistant to moisture. In addition, the top layer of the panels has the appearance of one-to-one wooden parquet because it is real wood. If you are looking for the warmth of real wood in your bathroom, composite deck flooring is for you. But wooden products, no matter how well they are protected, are prone to damage in bathrooms. Treated wood cannot withstand Decaying water for a long time, but the occasional puddle will not be a problem. Deck flooring is more water resistant than laminate flooring because its base is made of sturdy plywood material. However, since the top layer is a hard wood flooring, it is relatively more expensive and prone to damage. Although there are some disadvantages to using a deck floor covering in the bathroom, it is definitely a good alternative to solid parquet, which is extremely susceptible to rotting.

Laminate Flooring

Like the deck, laminate flooring is a better bathroom flooring option than solid wood flooring. Laminate flooring actually consists of paper impregnated with resin on a wooden chipboard base. Its visible surface is actually a photo of any wood, such as oak, cherry, pine. On top is a transparent flooring called the wear layer.  Laminate floor coverings, which have not lost their popularity, create a warm and classic look in the bathroom. Laminate flooring can be used in bathrooms if you take measures to protect the wooden base from moisture. It is difficult for moisture to make its way down through the Flooring. Moreover, the laminate is also easy to clean. However, if the wood chip base comes into contact with moisture, it swells and swells and requires renovation. Even on laminate floors sold as water-resistant, it is indicated that they should be wiped immediately when there are spills and splashes. If you are considering using laminate flooring in your bathroom, remember that a large waterline leak can cause serious and expensive damage.

Bamboo Bathroom Flooring

Bamboo flooring, which is an organic and sustainable material, is completely environmentally friendly. Because it is a plant that grows in water, bamboo floors are much more resistant to water than wooden floors. It does not require sanding and polishing like wooden parquets. Moreover, it has a cost that is half as low as the price of solid wood parquet. Although not completely waterproof, bamboo flooring has been extensively treated with water-resistant chemicals and resins. Processed bamboo as a bathroom floor covering alternative is extremely durable compared to solid bamboo and is ideal for wet environments. It is also easy to assemble and damaged parts can be easily replaced. But cheap bamboo flooring can be easily scratched.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum floor covering is produced from natural products. It is made from linseed oil, ground cork or organic materials, which include wood, pine resin, limestone and mineral pigments. Linoleum is considered a water-resistant material, but it is not completely waterproof. Water resistance is high, but tile floor coverings with a large number of joints can create problems. Linoleum floor coverings are more durable, long-lasting and healthy than vinyl-PVC material.

Cork Bathroom Flooring

If sustainability is important to you, cork flooring is an environmentally friendly option for you. It is among the best bathroom flooring with its waterproof nature, mold and water damage resistant feature. It has a soft and non-slippery surface with a natural texture. Cork floor covering has aesthetic and unique patterns. However, to protect cork floors from moisture, it is necessary to re-coat them every few years. Cork tiles with glue, which come finished or unfinished, are great for premium applications, but for bathrooms, plates with a snap-in should be used. It is best to finish the floor on the spot, choosing unfinished cork flooring to prevent water seepage through the gaps.

The Most Popular Waterproof Flooring Products

You can use waterproof flooring products not only in the bathroom and kitchen, but also in all other areas of your home. It all depends on your preference and the condition of your home. If you want, you can call us and have our expert team analyze your home for free.  As you can see, our company has many options for waterproof flooring. Call us for a special presentation and a special price offer for you. When you see our service quality, you will understand why we are the best waterproof flooring company in London Canada.