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Serving as the best Vinyl tile store in London Canada, our company offers many different flooring options. Our company, where service standards are at the highest level and the best materials are used, has a wide range of options for vinyl tiles. You can call us for Vinyl tile service in your home, workplace and corporate buildings.

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What is Vinyl Tile ?

Luxury vinyl tile LVT floor covering that caters to expectations is different from other floor coverings in terms of many features. This floor covering is more at the forefront of aesthetic aspects. Luxury vinyl tile – LVT floor coverings applied over large areas are applied at more affordable prices today compared to previous periods.

Luxury vinyl tile-lvt floor covering has high resistance and is covered by a 100% warranty. For this reason, it maintains its quality for many years. Luxury vinyl tile-lvt floor covering is a special floor covering that has high quality standards that stand out with its comfort and elegance. These floor coverings, which are specially produced according to Canadian quality standards, are mostly preferred by corporate enterprises. More stone, wood, such as decorations are preferred to obtain a more modern structure.

Luxury vinyl tile-lvt floor coverings are divided into wide models. Especially models that offer a natural image are heavily preferred. Luxury vinyl tile floor covering is called LVT floor covering as a short description.

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How to Clean Vinyl Tile Floors?

Tiled floors are long-lasting, if you take care of them properly. Fortunately, compared to some other types of flooring, tiles require quite little maintenance. All you need to keep the floor clean and shiny is warm water, some soap or detergent and a chamois mop or cloth. The cleanliness of tiles made of different materials will also be different. In our article How to clean vinyl tile floors, we will not give you cleaning tips for different tile materials.

A tile floor should be “dry cleaned”, that is, swept or vacuum (vacuum cleaner) at least twice a week to remove dust. Every week the kitchen and bathroom tiles should be wet cleaned or mop at least twice. Vinyl and linoleum floors are inexpensive alternatives to more expensive stone or ceramic tiles. Although it may seem easy to clean with a steam mop, it cannot withstand excessive heat and humidity and deteriorate.

Vinyl: After sweeping, it can be wiped with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution or a mixture of water and vinegar. Do not use abrasive cleaners that can scratch the upholstery.

Linoleum: After sweeping, the flooring is cleaned with a solution such as a mixture of borax and water. Every three to six months, apply a coat of wax and buff to maintain the shine of the floor.

Features of Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile, which is produced with superior technology by having the natural appearance of wood, stone and marble, is considered as one of the most durable commercial floor coverings today. Vinyl tile produced with modern technology in several layers of layers with different properties in addition to high durability, architects can exhibit that offers unlimited possibilities for creativity; due to the flexible structure provides comfort while standing and working.

Robustness, because it is healthy structure and decorative hospitals, retail stores, offices, schools, kitchens, laboratories, libraries and the people they spend a lot of time on their feet for each environment vinyl tile, ease of use delivers.

In addition, it has a suitable design in all kinds of residential and commercial applications with different colors, patterns, textures and a wide variety of style and preference options.

Why you should choose Vinyl Tile?

It is Aesthetic

Vinyl Tile has been popular in part because of its ability to look and feel very natural when it is not visible at all. This concept, called biomimicry, is usually photographs of natural wood or stone printed on floor panels. The higher level Vinyl Tile changes the pattern, ensuring that it does not repeat the same way on the floor. The nice thing about this flooring is that, unlike natural products, it is easy, without waiting or settling for another option, to find rare types of wood or stone colors.

It is Very Versatile

Since there are many styling options for Vinyl Tile flooring, it is essentially perfect for any design project. It comes in many different styles, so it can be used in homes, shops and even yoga studios! The more you look around, the more you think that what you are thinking is natural parquet or stone is actually vinyl flooring. It is really difficult to think of a project for which Vinyl Tile laying would not be appropriate.

It is Durable

Vinyl Tile floor covering is almost impossible. It is stain, scratch and water resistant, which means that it can be used in places where natural parquet floors cannot be used, such as entrances, bathrooms or laundry rooms, which have a high hardness. It is also very easy to clean and maintain, which is nice for busy households where there is not always time to clean the floor.

It is budget friendly

Vinyl tile actually offers a good return on your investment. Although some would argue that laying natural hardwood or stone is a good investment, when you consider the maintenance costs and maintenance efforts, it becomes too much for design teams to consider for some projects. With vinyl tile you don’t have to worry about any maintenance for years to come, and many floors can be installed by yourself.

Vinyl Tile Types

In terms of color options, various types of vinyl plank flooring are available. Vinyl can be installed in rolls or in a variety of different shapes, sizes and installation methods, including adhesive, peel and paste, and click lock.

Vinyl can also be installed directly on most floors. The available finishes are lacquer-free, urethane or enhanced urethane, and each offers stain resistance and a pleasant shine that does not require polishing. When shopping for your vinyl flooring, keep the wear layer in mind.

This is the top surface of your floor, which usually consists of a transparent, polyurethane coating that makes it waterproof, scratch or stain resistant. The thickness varies from 4 to 40 millimeters, and the thicker wear layer makes more Decency for pets, children and homes with heavy traffic.

Vinyl Tile Usage Areas

Luxury vinyl tile-lvt floor covering, which has an ergonomic design, is especially preferred by businesses offering commercial activities. It is applied in tourism areas, hotels, residences, shopping and entertainment centers and many other areas. One of the most important features of this floor covering is that it does not get dirty easily and its daily cleaning is carried out in an easy way.

Luxury vinyl tile-lvt floor covering does not rot easily, bad smell, differentiation in color tones. When used carefully, it perfectly addresses the expectations of businesses.

Vinyl Tile Prices at London, Canada

Vinyl tile is used safely in many areas today and is one of the first places in people’s preferences. This situation, of course, contributes to the low and affordable cost of Vinyl tile prices. Prices for Vinyl tile coatings are determined according to the thicknesses. Because of this, you may encounter different pricing for Vinyl tile of different thicknesses.

Before getting price information for Vinyl tile coatings, you should make sure the application area and the thickness of Vinyl tile you need. The master fees for Vinyl tile coatings are usually calculated separately. You can get detailed information about this with our company, which will make the application, and you can have information about clear prices.

Vinyl Tile is an affordable and durable floor covering material with its rich product variety, usefulness, antibacterial and anti-static properties. The areas of use are quite diverse; hospitals, schools, laboratories, etc. areas can be shown as an example. LVT, which stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile, is one of the most frequently preferred coating types by customers due to its durable and decorative nature. A natural look is obtained by giving the appearance of stone and wood. Offices and shopping malls can be shown as the most frequently used areas.

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What Should Be Considered when Using Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile and lvt floor covering need to be applied in a professional way. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to achieve the expected efficiency. There are many poor quality and warrantless construction companies on the market that offer this floor covering. It is not possible to request luxury vinyl tile and LVT floor covering over 100% guaranteed and low price tariff through such businesses.

Quality workmanship is important in luxury vinyl tile and lvt floor covering. Therefore, it is recommended to request this floor covering from the construction company, which has a professional staff. You can get this service from Flooring Service.

Our company, which operates in London Canada and is the best vinyl tile company, is happy to serve you. Call us for the best price and service guarantee. Let our team contact you and we will present you with vinyl tile options.

Last Updated: December 03, 2023
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