Troy in London Art Exhibition



“Troy” Exhibition Has Opened at London Art Space in London, Canada!

Reflecting the cultural values of Anatolia in his works, artist and professor LUKA has brought the legend of Troy to the city of London in Ontario, Canada with his twenty-fifth solo exhibition! Prof. Dr. Lütfü Kaplanoğlu (LUKA), who is also the Head of the Department of Art at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Design, invites art lovers to rediscover the spirit of this magnificent ancient Anatolian city from the Homeric period, intertwined with love and war, with his works in the exhibition “Troy” at London Art Space. “Troy”, a retrospective of LUKA’s engravings inspired by Anatolia, will be on display at the London Art Space until October 31, 2023.


The twenty-fifth solo exhibition of the artist Prof. Dr. Lütfü Kaplanoğlu (LUKA),
faculty member and head of the Department of Art, Faculty of Arts and Design at Yıldız Technical University, “Troy”, was opened on October 14th at London Art Space in London, Ontario, Canada, where the professor is also a guest lecturer at Ivey Business School.

LUKA has participated in over 200 national and international group exhibitions, held twenty-four solo exhibitions, and directed various art projects. Notable collectors have his works, which are inspired by the rich identity of Anatolia. In his new exhibition “Troy”, LUKA presents works that carry the cultural texture of Anatolia and refer to Troy. Curated by Assistant Professor Derya Aydoğan from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Design, the exhibition invites art lovers on a cultural and historical journey to Troy, one of the most famous ancient cities in the world, to uncover the secrets of the past.

The exhibition “Troy” is a retrospective selection of engravings inspired by Anatolia and stands out as a project that the artist has been working on for many years. LUKA defines his works and the exhibition with the following remarks: “The focus of my work is the Anatolian geography, which is a unique cultural layer in the world, having been home to many civilizations. The horse figures that make up a significant selection of the exhibition, with their adventurous and vigorous natures, are a reflection of my wandering spirit, while the warrior figures can be perceived as a metaphor for my struggle between going and staying, which I have been unable to shake off throughout my life. I also wanted to celebrate the fact that Troy, which embodies both love and war, is actually the source of our most primitive impulses.”

LUKA’s “Troy” exhibition will be on view at London Art Space until October 31,


The legend of Troy, which has become a common treasure of humanity, is revived with images that form the cultural mosaic of Anatolia… The atmosphere of Troy, which even created the infrastructure of successor cultures with the dilemma of the mystery of love and war, the meanings it has acquired, the symbols it has embodied throughout the distances it has traveled astrally accompanied by tales from antiquity, reaches today. Horses, which have been one of the main actors in the struggle for human survival with their strength, freedom and grace, and in the construction of the identity of Turkish culture and Anatolian geography, set off for a new adventure together with other elements referring to Troy.

Returning to the point where the story begins…

The journey of a tamed mythical entity on earth is preparing for a miraculous
resurrection with all its codes. The veil of invisibility is lifted over the patterns of Troy, which even teleport into the energy field of the modern world. This time, its karmic connection surrounded by plots will be unraveled, and the soul of Troy will leave its wooden coffin and fly into freedom. This spiritual rebirth, which will be celebrated with a ritual unique to the new world order, calls those who wish to bear witness to it.

Writer: Derya Aydoğan
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Address: 499 Maitland, Unit 5 London Ontario Canada