ScratchMaster Flooring Next Floor

Next Floor ScratchMaster® Collection at only Kaplan Flooring in London.
ScratchMaster® Beauty That Lasts
While no floor is totally impossible to scratch, ScratchMaster® floors stay beautiful far longer than ordinary plank floors because of their innovative surface.
10-Year Scratch Resistance Warranty*
10-Year Pet Scratch Warranty*
ScratchMaster® floors are ideal for active families with dogs and cats.
Lifetime Waterproof Warranty*
Lifetime Residential Warranty*
30-Year Commercial Warranty*
10-Year Residential Scratch Resistance Warranty*
10-Year Residential Pet Scratch Resistance Warranty*
10-Year Stain Resistance Warranty*
Lifetime Waterproof Warranty*
ScratchMaster® floors are ideal for kitchens, bath and laundry rooms… anywhere that moisture is a concern:
Not affected by spills or moisture
Will never swell when exposed to water
Pet accidents can’t penetrate ScratchMaster’s
non-porous surface
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