The Prexious range leaves no space for the unfulfilled, with colours that go from white/grey to brown to warm and biting black and they are available in matt finish to reinterpret a more modern flavour and in Glossy finish with a more traditional aesthetic impact typical of precious stones.

This tile has a blend of colour and texture that is unique to this series. This blend will vary between shipments. FOR BEST RESULTS USE A MEDIUM BED MORTAR: TEC382, TEC383, TEC487. TROWEL SIZE MINIMUM ½” × ½” × ½”. COLOUR SHADE VARIATIONS The colour shade or shades of all tile varies some degree from piece to piece, from each production run to run. At least several pieces from the same production run should be reviewed whenever possible to determine acceptable colour shade variations. Any questions or concerns about your tile selection should be clarified prior to installation.

Main Usage : FLOOR