Iron – 18mm Engineered Oak Hardwood Collection – Naf Flooring

Oak is the king of hardwood floors for a reason. It’s an incredibly durable wood that only gets better with time. In fact, some of the most gorgeous hardwood oak floors are 200 years old. It has historically been used as a sign of opulence and can bring a sophisticated and prestigious look to a space. Oak has been used for flooring for centuries, and with good reason – the pronounced grain gives a traditional beauty to oak, which helps to give any home a stylish and elegant appearance. The wire brushed surface also helps to bring out the texture and looks of the grain. Oak is also the most abundant source of natural hardwood in North America and the trees are regularly replaced, making it amongst the best choices for sustainable flooring. We offer a 30-year residential warranty with this product.

Collection 18mm Eng.Oak Hardwood
Size 18 mm (6.5″)
Species Engineered
Size 6.5” x 18mm x RL
Sqft/Box 19.18
Boxes per pallet 48
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