Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Flooring?

frequently asked questions about commercial flooring

Floors are a crucial part of any commercial area. While they may often get overlooked, your preference for flooring can have a giant impact on the aesthetics. Choosing a new floor that may advantage your business isn’t a smooth selection. That’s why we’ve replied to the most not unusual questions about commercial flooring.

What is Commercial Flooring?

Commercial flooring is a specialized type of flooring designed for use in commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants. It is specifically engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning, and the demands of a busy commercial environment.
Commercial flooring encompasses a wide range of materials and styles to suit different needs and aesthetics. Common types of commercial flooring include vinyl tiles or sheets, carpet tiles, hardwood or engineered wood, laminate flooring, ceramic or porcelain tiles, and concrete.
The key features of commercial flooring are durability, easy maintenance, slip resistance for safety purposes, and design versatility. It must be able to withstand the wear and tear from high volumes of foot traffic while maintaining its visual appeal.
Commercial flooring plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall look and functionality of a space. Whether it’s creating an inviting atmosphere in a retail store or providing a clean and professional appearance in an office setting, choosing the right commercial flooring is essential.
Commercial flooring is a specialized type of durable and versatile material designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its visual appeal in various commercial settings. Its importance lies in its ability to enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of spaces while meeting the unique needs of businesses.

Commercial floors: choose the pleasant on your enterprise

When choosing the first-class industrial flooring on your commercial enterprise, there are numerous questions you must remember:

  1. Does the floor offer noise-decreasing/soundproofing quality?
  2. How a great deal of foot visitors and stress will the ground be uncovered to?
  3. Is the floor healthy for your enterprise image?
  4. How clean is it to clean and preserve the ground?
  5. Any fitness and safety concerns, which include slip-resistance

commercial carpet tile and plank

Flooring contractors

What is the excellent floor choice for industrial places?

The fine preference of flooring options for a commercial place will rely upon the utilization and necessities of that specific area. Different industrial environments could be suited to one-of-a-kind flooring alternatives.

For example, busy workplace areas will require flooring that is durable but gentle underfoot, inclusive of carpet tiles or luxury vinyl, regularly known as LVT. 

Healthcare environments require sterile flooring that is easy without problems, hardwearing, and mitigates infection risks. Hospitality requires luxury layout floors together with carpets and LVT. Sports and gym premises require hardwearing floor options to face up to extended usage, inclusive of rubber or sports activities vinyl floors.

What are industrial floor installation services?

Commercial floor installation offerings are furnished via a professional and experienced contractor who undertakes a variety of expert flooring offerings. Commercial flooring setup offerings, such as us at Kaplan Flooring, deliver and install flooring for quite a number of industrial premises to the needs and expectations of their clients.

Commercial flooring contractors have the information and expertise to rectify subfloor issues and imperfections. These consist of the elimination of the present floors, the application of smoothing compounds, or the installation of a new ply subfloor if required as an instance.

What are the benefits of hiring a flooring specialist?

There are numerous blessings to hiring a flooring expert:

  • More efficient and higher-great installations
  • Experience and know-how
  • Complete tasks to a finances and schedule
  • Access to the vital tools and equipment
  • Adhere to fitness and protection regulations/guidelines
  • Guarantee for the paintings achieved
  • Specialist understanding of maintenance to the subfloor

Flooring options

Commercial Flooring Products

What are the most inexpensive floor options?

If you’re restricted on finances, you may determine to opt for an inexpensive floor choice. Cheap flooring alternatives to recollect encompass vinyl (together with sheet and plank vinyl) and carpet tiles (on occasion known as carpet squares).

Both vinyl and carpet (carpet tiles) are available in a broad range of qualities. Not all merchandise is the same, and there is generally a product to be had in most fee tiers. Remember that when deciding on your floors, you get what you pay for.

Choosing an inexpensive option may cost a little greater in the long term because of the lower high quality. If your budget allows, it’s recommended to invest in a nice flooring desire. The satisfaction of the subfloor may even have an effect. We can paintings with you to propose quality flooring. This is inside your price range requirements.

What sort of flooring is used in a business kitchen?

Commercial kitchen floors are a specialty of ours. Commercial kitchens are heavy site visitors, heavy wear, and perilous environments. Hot oils, fat, and beverages can make incorrectly chosen floors deadly. If you do not have professional flooring in your kitchen, you can experience extreme slips, trips, and falls.

Kitchen equipment is heavy and might cause principal harm to an incorrectly selected floor, frequently resulting in pits, holes, and tears appearing on the ground that are unsafe and unhygienic. Kaplan Flooring has been installing commercial floors in kitchens for over 30 years.

We have the know-how to provide durable subfloors and to put in the ideal rated safety floors in a kitchen. Our installations are quick and powerful due to the quantity of experience we have in this location.

What are some excellent floor options for an eating place?

Restaurants are destinations that offer splendid food and social environments. Their flooring ought to face up to a lot, and they must hold searching great all the time. We have stunning, steeply-priced carpets that can be hardwearing and stylish and offer remarkable noise-reducing traits.

Carpets are frequently one of the fine selections for an eating place. There is not anything worse than being in an echoey or loud restaurant wherein acoustics have no longer been factored into the layout. We often design floors that integrate highly-priced carpets with LVT flooring, established in seamless approaches. This offers durability, and fashion ensures the best atmosphere.

What is the excellent choice for workplace floors?

There are several floor options to remember for office areas. The floor you select might also range from room to room, depending on the usage of every room. Floors consisting of LVT and carpet tiles are the best choices for office areas. They look outstanding, are durable, and are easy to preserve.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) floors

What are the benefits of LVT floors?

LVT floors are an outstanding option for a whole variety of environments. From business environments to houses, LVT is the destiny of floors.

Benefits consist of:

  • Stylish
  • Great layout and design options
  • Durable and smooth to preserve
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Water-resistant and anti-slip
  • Great price for money

LVT is to be had in a broad range of colors and patterns, from wood results to marble and stone patterns. LVT is an ideal cost for cash and presents a super ground for your desires.

What is the fine kind of floor, vinyl or laminate?

Vinyl and laminate have the houses that make them suited for certain areas. As a corporation, we have selected to no longer sell or deploy laminate floors as we opt for vinyl and LVT floors.

We deem LVT and vinyl to be a far greater durable floor desire compared to laminate. We locate vinyl and LVT to have all the trendy blessings and sturdiness without the negative noise problems, gaps, and edging problems relating to laminate floors.

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a far more rigid form of vinyl flooring. Made with numerous layers, LVT is more durable, softer underfoot, and has a higher design compared to its vinyl counterpart. Unlike vinyl (which may be sold in sheets of squares), LVT is bought in planks or tiles.

In the evaluation of vinyl, LVT is made with several layers. These layers can encompass:

  • A backing layer
  • A balance layer
  • Design layer
  • Surface safety layer

The layers will depend upon the make and producer of the tiles.

Why are vinyl flooring a whole lot thinner than laminate floors?

Laminate floors come with a thick substrate layer crafted from composite substances consisting of fibrewood. The thickness of laminate floors helps to make them extra-proof against dropped objects. The thicker the fibrewood, the extra safety it affords.

Vinyl floors use very skinny layers, such as a transparent wear layer and a balance layer, that give safety. Vinyl floors are made from a composite of various layers, the usage of exceptional materials that are tightly ‘sandwiched’ together to offer safety.

With LVT and vinyl, you do not want to reduce doors and make changes as regularly to permit a hit installation. It is continually vital to keep in mind fireplace doors in business floor installations. You need to make sure that your gap is accurate to the bottom of the fire door to hold it safe.

Can vinyl plank floors (LVT) be established over concrete?

Yes, LVT and sheet vinyl may be established over concrete subfloors and certainly timber floors. The key to a successful setup is in the subfloor guidance. Our fitters are professionals within the area! We can absorb and dispose of your existing floors and increase the subfloor, as required, for the new setup.

What can’t vinyl floors go over?

Vinyl floors may be set up over maximum existing floor surfaces. However, there are some requirements:

  • The floors should be level and clean
  • Floors need to be unfastened from damp
  • A proper subfloor should be the gift
  • Ensure there are no cracks or grout joins present
  • Never area vinyl tiles on a surface that is damp or experiences high moisture content material

The correct news is that something you have subfloor problems, we will resolve them. We have expert damp checking out gadgets and experience in figuring out and repairing subfloor faults.

Are LVT floors precise?

Luxury vinyl tiles can offer an amazing flooring preference, both in phrases of visible appearance and sturdiness. LVT is turning into an increasing number of popular in business spaces, together with workplaces and eating places.

What are linoleum floors?

Linoleum is comparable flooring to vinyl. The flooring was created after coming across how linseed oil (used for removing paint) evolved a tough and strong movie over paint. Blending this movie with other materials brought about the development of linoleum.

Linoleum is likewise made entirely using recyclable substances, not like vinyl. Although vinyl may be recycled. We usually recycle when we are able to. Linoleum is available in sheets, planks, and tiles.

What is the distinction between linoleum and vinyl floors?

Both flooring options are very comparable and may be effortlessly maintained. However, linoleum is more liable to moisture damage in comparison to vinyl. Linoleum can last longer than vinyl furnished. It’s properly maintained and sealed periodically. Vinyl and linoleum are very comparable-searching merchandise, but the patterns and finishes can be pretty extraordinary. Therefore, patterns and tastes need to be taken into consideration.

Carpets and carpet tiles

Why do so many workplace buildings have carpet flooring?

Carpets (and specifically carpet tiles) are used in lots of office buildings due to the advantages these floors provide for such environments, inclusive of the following:

  • Durability
  • Visually and aesthetically eye-catching
  • Reduces noise
  • Cost-powerful
  • Great design versatility

Which is inexpensive, carpet or vinyl flooring?

Both carpet and vinyl are tremendously low-fee floor alternatives. Saying exactly which is less expensive will depend on the specific task. Carpet tiles provide amazing cost, particularly if the subfloor is stable, as it does not need as lots subfloor guidance. However, if subfloor repairs are required, the costs may be similar.


What is the motive of subflooring?

A subfloor is a stable base on which ground coverings are set up. A subfloor affords balance for each of your floors and the partitions, working along different support systems.

Is it difficult to replace the subfloor?

If a subfloor is water broken or structurally unsound, it is able to needs replacing. The volume of the damage to the subfloor will determine whether or not it desires replacement or repair. We can offer both options and offer technical records as to how to perform the repairs. With many years of revel in subfloor work, we are the employer that will help you here!

How to restore a warped subfloor?

If a subfloor has turned out to be warped, it’s going to want to level out to prevent any lasting harm to your ground coverings. A warped subfloor can usually be resolved with the use of a leveling compound. This is mainly the case when wide depressions and sags are present.

Does a wet subfloor need to be replaced?

If your subfloor is always exposed to moisture, it’ll want to be replaced or dried out. Signs your subfloor can be uncovered to moisture encompass huge choppy or sunken areas of the ground, loud squeaking floorboards, a musty odor, or the ground feels as though it’s moving.

Depending on if the subfloor is timber or concrete will depend on what needs to be finished. We have specialist equipment for drying out subfloors and bringing them up to a standard wherein they may be repaired.

What is below the subfloor?

The subfloor offers some structural guidance in a room. Under the subfloor is the joist, which affords a foundation for your floors (besides concrete).

Do you need to cover subflooring?

Covering a subfloor isn’t always always required. A subfloor may, once in a while, need to be protected depending on the kind of floors being hooked up or room situations.

Does the subfloor must be nailed to joists?

A subfloor must be secured to the joists (wooden flooring) to make it steady and strong. Failing to secure a subfloor can result in harm to your flooring installation.

Cleaning and maintaining flooring

What do you use to clean vinyl flooring?

  • Remove unfastened debris, dirt, and dust with the use of a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use an appropriate hard ground vacuum cleaner or head.
  • Wipe up any spillages as quickly as possible to prevent harm.
  • Avoid the usage of immoderate quantities of water while mopping.

Use heat, water, and soap to mop your vinyl floor (make certain to wring the mop out first)

How do you get antique yellow stains off vinyl flooring?

Leaving spillages for too long on vinyl floors can result in an ugly stain. To cast off a stain on vinyl flooring, bear in mind:

  • Using a dilute solution of bleach and water
  • Oxalic acid on a cloth for rust stains
  • Isopropyl alcohol for shoe scruffs
  • Laundry detergent mixed into a paste with water

Always consult with the cleansing and renovation suggestions furnished to your floor.

How to make the ground less slippery?

There are several motives why a floor may also turn out to be slippery, inclusive of moisture, wax, and grease. Regularly cleaning your ground with an appropriate cleaner will assist in lessening the slippiness and make it a whole lot more secure.

Coming to a selection for your commercial flooring is not clean. With so much to bear in mind, which includes how your ground reflects on your business and employee performance, you’ll need to make sure you’re investing within the proper desire. We hope that we answered any questions you have on business flooring and that it helps you to choose the right floor for your business.

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