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What is Carpet Tile Flooring?

Carpet tile flooring, also known as carpet squares or modular carpet, is a type of flooring material that combines the characteristics of traditional carpet with the convenience and versatility of tiles. Instead of rolling out a continuous sheet of carpet, carpet tile consists of individual squares or tiles of carpeting material, typically measuring 18 inches by 18 inches or 24 inches by 24 inches, although other sizes are available.


Here are some key features and benefits of carpet tile flooring:

Versatility: Carpet tiles offer design flexibility, allowing you to create custom patterns and designs by arranging tiles in various configurations. This versatility is particularly useful in commercial spaces where branding and aesthetics are important.

Easy Installation: Carpet tiles are relatively easy to install compared to traditional wall-to-wall carpets. They can be laid directly on the floor without the need for tack strips or adhesives in some cases. This makes installation and replacement simpler and less disruptive.

Durability: Carpet tiles are designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are often used in high-traffic areas and commercial settings.

Maintenance: If a carpet tile becomes stained or damaged, it can be easily replaced without replacing the entire carpeted area. This makes maintenance more cost-effective and convenient.

Eco-Friendly: Some carpet tiles are made from recycled materials, and their modular nature can reduce waste during installation and replacement.

Sound Absorption: Carpet tiles provide sound-absorbing properties, helping to reduce noise levels in rooms and creating a quieter environment.

Moisture Resistance: Some carpet tiles are designed to be moisture-resistant, making them suitable for areas where spills are likely to occur, such as office kitchens or dining spaces.

Carpet tiles are available in various colours, patterns, and textures, allowing you to achieve various design aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary. They are commonly used in commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, schools, and healthcare facilities due to their versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. However, they can also be used in residential settings, especially where customization and quick replacements are desired.

The installation of carpet tiles can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific type of tiles being used. Some carpet tiles have a peel-and-stick backing for easy installation, while others may require adhesive or a floating installation method. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for installation to ensure the best results and performance.

Carpet Tile Features

Carpet tiles can be installed in numerous configurations to create different effects. Most commonly, the same tile is used for rooms in a solid color or a simple pattern. The seams between carpet tiles can be hidden or highlighted depending on the desired overall effect, and the modularity of carpet Flooring can become a great creative tool for architects and interior designers. In addition to the amazing flooring affects you can achieve, carpet tiles provide significant savings in both cost and time from wall-to-wall carpet.

Carpet Tile Products in London, Canada

If wear and damage occur, individual tiles can be ordered for this purpose and easily removed and replaced. You will not have to change the carpet or make repairs. Carpet tiles offer the advantages of warmth, comfort, health and safety as well as visual decor to the spaces. Carpet tiles are very durable. Carpet floors have been used in commercial spaces for many years, and businesses use them more than other types of flooring.

How is Carpet Tile Applied?

First, clean the leftover threads on the carpet tiles. Because it is in the package, there may be yarn residues left on the front and back sides. Then determine the laying method by looking at the arrows on the back of the carpet tiles. These arrows are especially put by the manufacturers to make the patterns look neat. By adjusting the directions of these arrows, you can apply different laying methods. It can be done in four ways. Laying methods;

  • Laying flat,
  • 1/4 laying,
  • Brick type flooring,
  • Special shaped tiles

One of the most important tricks of carpet tile laying is to start the installation from the middle part of the floor. When you start from the edges, you may not be able to give the shape you want. Especially if you are going to do a special shaped application in the middle region, pay attention to it and start in the middle. Attach the carpet tile parts to the floor by taping them to the corners with double-sided tape. Thus, the corner parts will be completely glued with other tiles. When it comes to the edges, take the measure of the remaining gap and cut off the excess with a utility knife and the final gluing operations will be completed.

Carpet tile prices in London, Canada

Carpet tile prices vary according to the characteristics of the material to be used and the place to be applied. You can fill out our free discovery form to get carpet tile price or you can contact us by phone or email. Our customer representatives will contact you as soon as possible and make your free discovery appointment.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Carpet Tile

Carpet is the main reason of choice for those who love comfort and warmth in the environment they are in. Choosing carpet color and carpet style with confidence will be possible by having basic knowledge about today’s carpet fashion and the effects of this fashion on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Our company offers the most exclusive collections of various carpet brands to find the most suitable product for you and your lifestyle, your family needs and your decoration budget.

Color is the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a carpet. When making this choice, consider the coordination of the carpet with the interior. Do you want your carpet to be the focal point or do you want it to integrate with the interior? When making your color choice, you should pay attention to the prevailing colors in your room, wall color and furniture color. Usually, there should be some Decoupling between the colors of the walls and the carpet. As a tip, also keep the following suggestions in mind when choosing a color. Dark carpets remove dirt; dust, yarn type shows small particles, the space is small and flattened because it shows. Light-colored carpets make the room look large and spacious, they do not show dust; they show dirt. Multi-colored carpets do not show dust, remove dirt.

Areas with heavy traffic, such as corridors and entrances, require more durable carpets. In areas with heavy traffic such as this, carpets made of materials that will remove traffic and manufactured suitable for traffic should be preferred.

The performance and quality of the carpet is directly related to the material used in the manufacture. Low-density, thin carpets lose their beautiful appearance more quickly. In this regard, it will be right for you to choose the highest quality carpet possible.

Chemical-protected carpets prevent wet and dry stains from being absorbed by carpet pile. Before buying your carpet, you should pay attention to whether it has stain-resistant properties according to your needs.

The Most Popular Carpet Tile Products

Why to Choose Carpet Tiles?

The seams between the Flooring carpets can be hidden or highlighted depending on the desired overall effect, and the modularity of the carpet tiles can become a great creative tool for architects and interior designers. In addition to the amazing flooring affects you can achieve, carpet tiles provide significant savings in both cost and time from wall-to-wall carpet. The carpet tile is very durable. Carpet floors have been used in commercial spaces for many years, and businesses use them more than other types of flooring. So if they’re good enough for airports, they should be great for your home. Carpet Tile installation is a huge advantage compared to most types of flooring. If most carpet tiles cannot be installed easily. Many of them have shell and rod supports, and some have mounting tabs, which are a special type of double-sided tape. This makes it very easy to rearrange the floor or replace a tile.

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